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Architectural design

cubature, industry, development concepts, taking into account innovative methodologies and technical solutions aimed at environmental, energy, economic and social aspects.

Project management

Specialising in investment projects and implementation of the latest technologies supporting the considerations of Circular Economy, sustainable development, BIM, smart home automation, alternative energy sources and many more.

Smart Homes and Automation

Improving the comfort of your own home whilst saving energy. We identify the best solutions for your home and give you control at a touch of a finger.

Energy and environmental management systems

Our energy and carbon management services are designed to minimise the operating costs and carbon emissions associated with an organization’s energy consumption in buildings and industrial facilities.

Building Information Modeling (BIM), Digital Engineering.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) enables the use of intelligent 3D models to access information about the project to allow for a more efficient and successful construction project. NR-GIA has vast experience in BIM in industry as well as R&D projects, so we can apply the latest digital engineering technologies to help you manage new and existing assets.

Construction and demolition waste management.

Design for demolition and demolition processes taking into account environmental preferences, protection of raw material sources, waste stream management in the context of the circular economy, BIM and Urban Mining.


Research on the usability of all construction and demolition waste, using innovative recycling technologies and the use of waste in technologies for creating innovative building materials.